WEG SSW07/08 7.5 TO 250 KW


SSW07/08 Soft-Starter, with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control, designed to provide great performance at motor starts and stops with an excellent cost-benefit relation.

  • Easy set up it simplifies start-up activities and daily operation.
  • SSW07/08 Soft-Starter(17 to 412A) with built–in-by-pass providing a reduction in size and energy savings.
  • SSW07/08 Soft-Starter is compact, contributing to the optimization space in electric panels. SSW07/08 Soft-Starter incorporates several electric motor protections.

Standard Features:

  • Built-in-By-pass (up to 820A)
  • 220-575V, 50/60Hz input power supply (universal voltage)
  • Control power supply: 110-240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Start Cycle: 300% of full load current during 30 seconds, 10 starts per hour with ventilation kit (45A to 200A). 300% of full load current during 30 seconds, 3 starts per hour without ventilation kit (45A to 200A).
  • Ambient: 131F (55C), 3300ft (1000M) altitude, 90% non-condensing humidity
  • 3 Isolated digital inputs
  • 2 Outputs relays with NO contacts, 240V/1A, programmable functions
  • Initial voltage adjustment (30%…90%)
  • Acceleration ramp time 1…40s
  • Deceleration ramp time: OFF…40s
  • Current limitation adjustment: 150%…450%
  • Communication: Modbus RTU-RS232 and Modbus RTU-RS485
  • Communication: Device Net and Profibus DP via MFW01 gateway
  • Protective Features: motor overload, phase sequence, motor phase loss, locked rotor, thyristors overload and overcurrent, heatsink overtemperature, external fault, open by-pass contact, frequency out of range, electronic supply undervoltage.
  • Built-in EMC filter (Class A)
  • High Start Duty – 3 controlled phases for SSW07
  • Light Start Duty – 2 controlled phases for SSW08

SSW07 Applications:

  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Crushers

SSW08 Applications:

  • Pumps
  • Low Inertia Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Low Inertia Fans


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