• The SubMonitor is the latest innovation in 3 –phase pump protection from Franklin Electric. Using state-of-the-art-technology, the Sub Monitor provides the ultimate protection for a pump and motor.
  • There is simply no better way to protect a large 3-phase submersible pump investment than a overheating straight from the motor windings! And it is made by the world leader in submersible motors-Franklin Electric.
  • The SubMonitor is designed to protect 3-phasr pumps with horsepower ratings between 2.2 and 150 kW. Current, voltage and motor temperature are monitored using here integrated current transformers. A digital display provides current and voltage readings for all three legs and allows the user to set up the Sub Monitor quickly and easily.
  • Quick Setup to monitor and motor
  • Digital display indicates voltage and current on all three legs at the same time
  • One unit covers the entire range from 190 to 600 Volts Password Protection
  • Stores fault, setting changes, and pump run-time, that can be accessed through the display
  • Detachable display unit can be mounted on panel door


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