Our Guiding Principles

Key Human Resource Policies

Alpha Electrics & Water (AWE) has a suite of policies and procedures in place which help us create a workplace that is safe and healthy as well as efficient and effective.   The below policies have been developed to provide all AWE employees and contractors with an understanding of our expected behavioral and performance standards.


Alpha Electrics and Water is a locally owned and operated business specialising in the sale and servicing of electric motors, Industrial electrical needs, pumps, valves, and generators.

We have a proud history of delivering innovative solutions, with efficiency to the highest level of customer satisfaction. The results-driven focus of the business is borne in the respect and trust placed in the skilled team at Alpha Electrics and Water.

From the vision and ingenuity of the founding Phillips brothers, over 50 years ago, to today’s highly skilled, technologically advanced workforce, Alpha Electrics and Water continue to pride ourselves on being customer focused, result driven and passionate in the search for solutions to our customers needs.


Technological solutions open a world of possibilities for our customers by linking all the steps in the value chain. Improved technologies, in particular real time data capture, means identifying and responding to real time issues, in real-time – not a month later when a report is run.

Technology solutions based on over 50 years of experience allow us to improve our customer service, streamline operations and boost production. Alpha Electrics and Water will put the right measures in place for your business.

With a focus on safety, quality, security, reliability and sustainability, we work with you to maintain the integrity of the production process and tailor every solution to your specific business requirements


Making the world a better place and making a profit do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts. At Alpha Electrics and Water we are committed to supporting our customers by developing and implementing sustainable processes to reduce waste in all processes. Our continuous improvement mind set allows to maintain zero defect production in order to minimize resource wastage and costly product recalls.

Our customers have access to breakthrough technologies and aftermarket support to accelerate and encourage the transition to renewable energy solutions such electric motors, solar, wind, and hydro, in alignment with energy trends across the world.

At Alpha Electrics and Water we apply a circular economy mindset when repairing and maintaining products so that there is improved end-of-product lifecycle reuse and recycling.


Our diverse skill sets allow us to think about a specific problem in a different, and often more strategic way. By being able to look at a problem from different angles and draw on a wealth of (not immediately relevant) experience, allows Alpha Electrics and Water to come up with innovative and creative solutions to complex problems.

In house Armature Rewinders, Electricians, Fitter Machinists, Pump Technicians supported by an experienced sales and management team ensure that Alpha Electrics and Water can advise, sell, service, problem solve, and repair complex problems for our extensive customer base.